Transaction processing takes up to 1 minute, with amount up to $2000. Transactions over $2000 can take up to 1 hour.


  • What is bitcoin confirmation ?
    Usually when you receive bitcoins, you can't use them right away. As soon as transaction completed, data about this transaction goes into Bitcoin network in order to be registered in the block and become legitimate.
    This process called confirmation of the transaction. We perform currency exchange after first confirmation.
  • How much time currency exchange takes ?

    Transaction usually takes somewhere between 1-20 minutes, excluding confirmation time(which we have no influence on, it's up to Bitcoin network)

  • How can you prove that you are trustworthy ?

    Our reputation and Customer testimonials are guarantee of our honesty.

  • What is your commission ?

    We have market based commission, usually it's around 0.5 - 2%

  • What is Paymer cheque ?

    The Paymer service ( is a software and hardware system designed to manage payment obligations in the form of electronic checks payable to the bearer. The service supports the issue, verification, splitting, merging, and redemption of such checks.